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The 35th ISSTD Annual International Conference 
Creative Movement Interventions with Traumatized Families

Facilitated by: Joyanna Silberg, PhD and Dahlia Silberg, LPC, BC-DMT
When: April 1, 2019 (1:30 PM - 6:00 PM)

Where: Sheraton New York Times Square, New York, NY

In this experiential four hour workshop the presenters will demonstrate with audience participation various creative movement interventions that can be used with families that have experienced trauma. These interventions allow clients to embody in action, dance, and psychodrama healing metaphors of therapeutic change. The didactic portion of the program will review neurobiological theories on how trauma affects initiative, motor movements, sensation, proprioception, and somatic experiences and discuss why creative movement interventions aimed at the whole body’s experience of trauma can be particularly helpful in healing. The participants will have an opportunity to create a movement intervention for a ”stuck” family in their practice by applying principles learned in the workshop. Issues such as dissociative responses, rage reactions, misattunement, cognitive distortions, and emotional dysregualtion will be addressed and creative exercises that target these issues will be demonstrated. At the end of the workshop, participants will have an opportunity to use these interventions to work on their own vicarious trauma and to deal with any self-critical cognitions that can interfere with their therapeutic effectiveness. 

Individualizing Treatment for Children and Adolescents with Complex Trauma and Dissociation

Facilitated by: Joyanna Silberg, PhD

When: June 4, 2019 (Breakfast 8:30am-8:45am; Training 8:45am-4:00pm)

Where: Doubletree Hilton Hotel, 1726 Reisterstown Road Baltimore, MD 21208

Course Fees: $159; 6 CEUs

In this workshop, Dr. Silberg will review current treatments that deal with complex trauma in children and adolescents and show how one can integrate in an eclectic way key components so that the individual needs of these special clients are addressed. 


This workshop will also address the complexity of timing in interventions as children fluctuate in their readiness for various interventions.


A special focus will be placed on how to address dissociative patterns which lead children and adolescents to avoidance, and how treatment resistance manifests itself in hyperactive responses, numbing or “Pseudo-health.” 

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Assessment & Treatment of Traumatized Children & Adolescents - Online

Instructors: Joyanna Silberg, PhD, Frances S. Waters, DCSW, Sandra Baita, PhD & Renée Potgieter Marks, PhD

When: January 16 - June 14, 2019

Course Fees: $644 for ISSTD members; $694 for non-members

This course begins with a brief historical perspective of childhood dissociation, an explanation of the effect trauma can have on infant/child neurobiology, and an introduction to theories of dissociation. The course then covers dissociative warning signs, differential diagnosis, methods of assessment, assessment tools, dissociative pathology across the spectrum. Psycho-education about trauma and dissociation to children and parents that illuminates an understanding of child’s confusing behaviors will be explained. Family dynamics that contribute to dissociative pathology in children and ways to work effectively with the family while building positive attachment between child and parents will be highlighted. Creative techniques that promote internal awareness/communication between self-states, stabilization, emotional regulation, somatic awareness, and management of triggers will be described.  Special attention will be given to working with the varied societal systems (schools, social services, legal system) with which the family is involved. A variety of treatment modalities and innovative techniques will be presented for processing trauma safely and furthering integration of the dissociative child.  Extensive case studies and specific examples will be used throughout the course to enrich the leaning. Participants can present case studies from their own practices to enhance discussion. 

Participants finishing this course will have a comprehensive understanding of how to intervene with the traumatized child with dissociation to promote resolution of trauma, integration and healing.   

Trauma Frozen in Time: The Online Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents

Presenter: Joy Silberg, PhD

Where: Bergen, Norway

When: October 17, 2018

This course will discuss cutting edge research on the harm of exploitation of youth on the internet. This kind of exploitation includes the documented sexual abuse which is traded and sold online; online streaming; luring children and adolescents into relationships where they willingly send nude pictures; and organized sex rings use the material for creation of child sexual abuse material.

The conference is approved by the Norwegian Psychological Association to give 7 hrs credit as continued education in clinical psychology. 

How to Intervene in Child Dissociation

Presenter: Joy Silberg, PhD

Where: Pamplona, Spain

When: October 27-29, 2018

Price: 430€ - 550€ 

Course for psychologists, doctors, educators, social workers, and students in these disciplines.

The Hidden Dangers of the Internet to Vulnerable Youth

Presenter: Joy Silberg, PhD

Where: Chester Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, England

When: June 23-24, 2018

Price: 1 day: £155 | 2 days: £300 (by April 30); 1 day: £175 | 2 days: £340 (after May 1)

On the 23rd-24th June 2018, CTC Psychological Services and the International Society for the Study of Trauma (ISSTD) will be co-hosting a conference on Developmental Trauma and Dissociation. The conference will be held at the beautiful and luxurious Chester Grosvenor Hotel, right in the heart of the historic city of Chester.  CTCPS and ISSTD have joined together to create this exciting new conference on Developmental Trauma & Dissociation in children & adults. The two-day conference will consist of expert key speakers and exciting workshops, where you can learn and develop your knowledge and skills.  Presenters, parents, adopters & professionals provide workshops exploring techniques and themes; PTSD, EMDR in children, Parenting Strategies, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Yoga & Dissociation.

The 13th Annual Battered Mothers Custody Conference
"Custody Litigation, Trauma, and Recovery"

Presenter: Joy Silberg, PhD

Where: Albany, New York

When: May 4-6, 2018

Sunday, May 6 (8:30am-9:30am); Keynote Address:  Joy Silberg, Ph.D.:  Glimmers of Hope

Joy will discuss some good news from the front lines of the family court system. 

The Hidden Dangers of the Internet to Vulnerable Youth

Presenter: Joy Silberg, PhD

Where: Cong. Keter Torah, New Jersey (USA)

When: April 22, 2018

There is no couvert for this event. Reservations can be made at www.projectsarah.org or call 973-777-7638. Walk-ins are welcome.

Assessment and Treatment of Dissociation In Children and Youth

Presenter: Joy Silberg, PhD

Where: Ramat Efal, Israel

When: March 8 and 9, 2018

Lecture in English, with slides and materials available in Hebrew

Dissociation in Traumatized Youth: Approaching Families and Children

Presenter: Joy Silberg, PhD

Where: Oulu, Finland

When: March 12-13, 2018

Price: 430 Eur (+ VAT 24%)

Dissociation in Children and Adolescents: A Step by Step Approach

Presenter: Joy Silberg, PhD

Where: Helsinki, Finland

When: March 15-16, 2018

Price: 430 Eur (+ VAT 24%)

Treatment and Assessment of Traumatised and Dissociative Children

Presenter: Joy Silberg, PhD

Where: Glasgow, Scotland

When: March 26-28, 2017


Members early bird rate: £190

Members full rate (after 27/01/17): £210

Non members early bird rate: £225

Non members full rate: £250


Course Description:

This three-day presentation will introduce a developmental understanding of dissociation and

describe how early symptoms of trauma and dissociation are manifest in young children and adolescents. A treatment model will be presented that moves logically through education about trauma symptoms through teaching affect regulation and mastering traumatic memories. Children's artwork and writings will be presented that help to illustrate the impaired sense of

identity that traumatized children may experience. Case presentations and videos will enrich the didactic content.  The presenter will introduce ways of communicating even to young children that will help them understand the effects of trauma and how to use skills to overcome the disabling effects of their experiences. Participants will have opportunities to practice skills and share case questions. Also included will be a discussion of the effect of online commercial exploitation of children, and how to work with families to rebuild attachment after trauma.

2017 ISSTD Conference


Symptoms and Treatment History of 70 Children Abused in a Child Pornography Ring

Presenter: Joyanna Silberg PhD, Primary Presenter; Richard J. Loewenstein, MD, Co-Presenter; Judith Gerstenblith, Co-Presenter

When: April 2, 2017


This presentation will describe the symptom presentation of 70 children presumed to have been abused in an organized child pornography ring. The treatment protocol used for these children, many of whom showed severe dissociative symptoms will be presented. The challenges of working with this population, including political and public relation challenges, will be discussed with an opportunity for the audience to discuss these findings, and offer solutions for improving widespread knowledge about this form of abuse.

Trauma and Dissociation in Children and Teens with Gender Issues: A Panel Presentation

Presenter: Frances S. Waters, LMSW, DCSW, LMFT, Chair; Na’ama Yehuda, MSC SLP, Primary Presenter; Joyanna Silberg, PhD, Co-Presenter; Frances Doughty, MFT, MFT, Co-Presenter

When: April 3, 2017


Gender issues in children and teens markedly increase risk of trauma, rejection, shaming, maltreatment, and bullying. The high prevalence of trauma also increases risks for dissociative coping and dissociative disorders in this population. This panel will discuss the clinical relevance of gender issues and influence of dissociation in assessment and treatment of trauma in children and teens who are gay, bisexual, transgender, or do not identify as either gender. The increased vulnerability to trauma that gender non-conformity brings on will be described, along with resulting clinical realities of dissociation, attachment impairments, disavowed parts of self, numbing, acting out, suicidal ideation, social isolation, academic issues, and selfharm that children and teens with gender issues bring into the therapy. Complicating factors and possible solutions in the treatment of trauma and dissociation in children and teens with gender issues will be identified, and ways to work with dissociated self-states, shame, disowning, and attachment risks and disruptions will be suggested. Panelists will look at sociological, psychological, psychotherapeutic, family-dynamics, and clinical perspectives of gender issues and trauma, along with developmental, social communication and coping perspectives. The potentially dissociogenic aspects of cultural, social, and parental/familial rejection will be presented along with possible pathways to their healing.

2017 Trauma and Attachment Conference

Presenter: Joy Silberg, PhD

Where: The conference will be held at the St. Catharines Golf Club, 70 Westchester Ave, St. Catharines, ON Canada (approx 10 minutes from Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake)

When: April 4, 2017


Full 5-Day conference. Early registration: $700 + HST. After March 01, $800.00+ HST


Day 1 & 2 ~ April 1 & 2: Understanding the Foundations of Trauma and Attachment & Day 2 Phase-Based Clinical Applications to Promote Healing and Integration of Trauma and Attachment Dysregulation – with Presenter: Lori Gill 
*Required for certification as trauma specialist. 

Day 3 ~ April 3: Childhood Abuse, Brain Development, Psychopathology and Addictions with presenter: Dr. Martin Teicher

Day 4 ~ April 4: Treating the Child Survivor with presenter: Dr. Joyanna Silberg

Day 5 ~ April 5: Expressive Arts Therapies to Promote Healing Following Trauma

Early Bird Rate available until March 01, 2016

*Price is inclusive of morning and afternoon refreshment breaks and lunch on site

Trauma Frozen in Time: The Online Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents

Presenter: Joy Silberg, PhD

Where: Doubletree Hilton Hotel, 1726 Reisterstown Road Baltimore, MD 21208 United States

When: April 28, 2017

Tickets/Cost: $159.00, 6 CEUs


Course Description:

This course will discuss cutting edge research on the harm of exploitation to youth from the internet. This kind of exploitation includes the creation of child pornography which is traded and sold online; online streaming; luring children and adolescents into relationships where they willingly send nude pictures; and organized sex rings used for creation of child pornography.

Research on this burgeoning area of harm to children and adolescents is only beginning, but it is important for therapists to be updated about those current trends, the harm that can come to youth from this source, the widespread nature of this type of exploitation and some of the legal ramifications.  Through case examples, the participants will learn trauma treatment principles that are effective and those that are not as effective with this population, and the special problems that can arise from working with these victims who feel that their trauma never ends as the pictures of their abuse can remain online indefinitely.

Missing and Exploited Children Conference 2017

Presenter: Joy Silberg, PhD

Where: Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

When: May 16-18, 2017

Tickets/Cost: $325 until April 30, 2017 and $350 thereafter


The Uses and Misuses of Psychological Science in the Study and Assessment of Sexual Abuse:

In this presentation Dr. Silberg will show common mistake often made in the assessment of sexual abuse based on misunderstandings of how to assess evidence of abuse, and misconceptions about the prevalence of false accusations.

These types of errors often occur in the context of custody situations where allegations of children and protective parents are viewed as strategies instead of signs and symptoms of abuse.


Are you a bystander?

In this presentation, Dr. Silberg will review some of the pressures professionals face when assessing the presence of sexual abuse, that may lead to denial or avoidance of evidence. This presentation will discuss ways to combat the pressures that lead professionals to overlook important evidence based on scientific findings about signs and symptoms of abuse and its prevalence.

Trauma-Informed Parenting & Custody Examinations​

Presenters: Philip J. Kinsler, PhD and Joy Silberg, PhD

CE credits: 3

Live webcast and on-site workshop fees: Member: $65; Non-member: $80

Psychologists working in family court matters often have to assess and manage disputes where issues of psychological trauma are central to the cases. Issues of possible child sexual and/or physical abuse and/or domestic violence arise repeatedly. Issues such as alleged "parental alienation" or "high conflict parenting" are placed before courts with little attention to the evidence-based trauma literature. The presenters will first discuss the evidentiary base for some common trauma myths… Are children easily coached to claim sexual abuse when there has not been any? Are children easily subject to misinformation and leading questions by child abuse interviewers? Are children able to remember abusive events, and at what ages? Is child sexual abuse actually traumatic and harmful? An enormous body of experimental and clinical literature has developed on these questions, which the workshop will review. This workshop presents how this evidence base is reflected in the formal guidelines for child custody evaluations, for evaluations in child protection matters, and in the guidelines developed for evaluation of cases involving psychological trauma. The presenters will specifically attend to allegations of parental alienation or high conflict parenting, and discuss the effects of such charges on children and families.

This workshop is designed to help you:

1) Comprehend and incorporate child-abuse research into your work.

2) Comprehend and incorporate up-to-date findings on child suggestibility in interview situations into their your and reports.

3) Gain awareness of proper protocols for interviewing children about possible child abuse.


Presenter: Joyanna Silberg, PhD

There are few clinical experiences as disconcerting and heartbreaking as sitting with a traumatized child experiencing dissociation. What do you do when a child or teenager seems frozen or dazed, hears illusory voices, and seems to have lost any connection to his or her customary identity? This comprehensive workshop will provide not just the theoretical and developmental background to understand the phenomenon of childhood dissociation, but also the specific tools and strategies needed to help these clients heal. You’ll learn the EDUCATE model, an approach that leads patients step-by-step from psychoeducation through affect regulation to trauma processing. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how to approach dissociative symptomatology in young people to promote healthy development and self-awareness.


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